Advent calendar

Here is my version of Maya*Made’s Advent calendar.  We used a blank canvas instead of cork board, and painted red candy-cane stripes on it.  Throw in some green rick-rack, tiny clothes-pins, puffy fabric paint, and a little bit of sparkly glitter-snow … ta-da!

I initially wanted to do a Book-and-Activity Advent countdown like the one here, but I didn’t have the time or energy for it this year, so we just did a Book-a-Day.  Each day Adeline picks a title out of the calendar and I retrieve the book from storage.  Since we don’t actually own 24 Christmas books, we’ve been supplementing with ones from the library.  She thinks it is very exciting, but, like the birthday ice cream, I think my days of getting away with simple projects like this are numbered.


2 thoughts on “Advent calendar

  1. I love it! We are doing Advent at home this year, following a program my mother-in-law developed over the years when her kids were growing. We light our candles, read a verse, and sing a song. Then Myles opens a door but he is mostly too small to enjoy it and while it’s exciting for him I find it anti-climactic and kind of a pain to use in the candlelight! So, inspired by you, I think I will look into making something for next year! Thanks for sharing!

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