yarn along

Reading (and trying not to drool all over): The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook by Rachel Saunders.  This is like the encyclopedia of jam & jelly making.  Three-hundred-and-seventy-one pages of jam, jam, jam (and jelly and marmalade, too)!  I may never make White Nectarine Jam with Elderflower and Green Almonds or Pluot Jam with Sloe Gin and Orange Flowers, but there are dozens of other recipes I can’t wait to try.  This is one of those cookbooks that you get for the photographs as much as for the recipes.  Delicious in every way!

Knitting: Still working on that baby hat, which hasn’t come very far since my last yarn along post.  Knitting is just not fitting into the rhythm of my days very well right now.  If I ever find myself sitting down on the couch, I’ve usually got a babe in my arms, or a book in my hands and a three year old snuggled up next to me.

Come along on the Yarn Along at Small Things.


13 thoughts on “yarn along

  1. I love to make jams/jellies/and apple butter. Canning is so fun to me and I love seeing all the jars lined up and hearing the ‘pop’ of the lid as it seals, such happy sounds!

    • It is locally dyed — I got it at an arts & craft fair. It’s called Sheep Thrills and it is self-striping sock yarn. It’s so very soft, too. I can’t find a website to link to.

    • It is called Sheep Thrills — “Hand painted self striping sock yarn for your knitting pleasure.” It’s dyed here in South Dakota; I haven’t been able to find a website for it.

  2. Oh, my gosh, that yarn does look just like mine! And that book looks wonderful!

    I’ve been working on teaching the three and four year olds here to turn the pages of the book themselves as I read so I can crochet and read at once! 🙂

  3. That book looks divine–we are big jammers, but we keep it simple. I may have to kick it up this summer.

    I know what you mean about knitting in the presence of little ones. I put off learning for so long because I just didn’t have the free hands to work with. I’m finally finding (teeny tiny) pockets of time to tinker with needles, and I’m just accepting that it may be a looong time before I have a finished product.

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