The other day we were all snuggling in bed after Bea’s nap when Adeline asked me to take some pictures of her and Bea.  Beatrice was obviously not as excited about the photo shoot as her sister.  When I saw this, it got me thinking that if I dug through my parents’ photo albums I’d probably find at least half a dozen similar photos of me and my little sister: me grinning happily at the camera, she grimacing in a headlock.  I’ll not mull over the metaphor here about the relationship between older & younger sisters … but I will just say: sorry Sis, for all those times I was a pushy older sister, and for all the times in the future when I’ll probably continue to be the pushy older sister.  (You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!)


7 thoughts on “sisters

  1. That photo makes me giggle. And the title of the post makes me want to sing “Sisters” from A White Christmas (which Amy and I attempt to do). Amy has apologized to me sooo many times, but hey, I stole her clothes and followed her around and wanted to do everything she did. Maybe I should apologize for that?

  2. So funny! I love this. There’s the cutest book-Big Sister and Little Sister by Charlotte-Zolotow that you’ll have to check out.

    We’ve been missing you girls, too. I can’t wait for Spring to get here so travel will make more sense, and we can go to the park. We’ve been in hibernation-mode that’s for sure.

    I was also interested in hearing more about your meeting with Sally. What are some of your favorite recipes out of that book? Any new tips that she introduced?

    I’ll talk to you soon. Take care!

    • Can’t wait to read that sister book. There is one of the same title by LeUyen Pham (I love her artwork) — I bought a copy for myself, my mom, and my sister because it so perfectly depicted my sister and me when we were little.

      Oh, I have so much to talk with you about the seminar and everything — I’ve got some info for you about a food co-op in SF. Some of my favorite recipes are the buttermilk bread, the pancakes, the yogurt dough (I use this for quiche a lot — tried it for pizza and wasn’t so fond of it), the all-day beef stew, and beet kvass. I haven’t done a lot of fermenting yet, but I’d like to do more. Hope we can get together soon!

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