My mom sewed my sister and me matching diaper bags a while back (which probably gave her flashbacks to our childhood when she had to sew two of everything for us: two Easter dresses, two prairie girl dresses, two Cabbage Patch dolls, etc.).   Anyway, I wanted to make some accessories for my Sis out of the leftover fabric; specifically, I had planned to make a changing mat and a diaper pouch.  However, when I was perusing sewing blogs one day, I came across two tutorials for a combination changing mat/diaper & wipes holder.  Genius!  So instead of sewing two things, I only had to sew one, which was serendipitous because I only had a couple hours of sewing time anyway.

I didn’t end up actually using either of those tutorials, just kind of blended together things I liked about each of them.

The pocket can fit 2-4 diapers (depending on size), a travel case of wipes, and some diaper rash cream (or hand sanitizer, or whatever).

It rolls up into a clutch with a velcro closure.

Added this squirrel because my sister is a little nutty.  (Just kidding!  She likes the woodland creatures.)

Now that Jonah Walter has arrived, I hope she’ll get lots of use out of it!  Congratulations, Sis!!!