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Reading & Knitting

Reading: I have a love/hate relationship with parenting books.  On the one hand, I balk at the idea that I need some “expert” with a fancy degree to teach me how to do something that people have been doing successfully without “experts” for thousands of years.  On the other hand, I recognize that we don’t exactly live in a society where we grow up helping raise our siblings and extended family, practicing the skills of mothering from a young age — and some things about parenting are certainly not instinctual!  Then there’s the eternal student in me, who is always eager to gather information on subjects I don’t know much about.

Also, I don’t tend to get so wrapped-up in non-fiction, and I simply can’t afford to get lost in a really good novel right now.  I’ve been meaning to start The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for months but I’m afraid of the sleep I might lose if I do!  I guess maybe I need some fiction that is good but not too interesting.

Anyway, that is how I end up with a stack of books like this.  Some I’ve just finished (Simplicity Parenting was amazing; and Rachel at Clean will be hosting a discussion of it soon), some I’m very hopeful about (The No-Cry Sleep Solution *fingers crossed* and Bringing Up Geeks).  After reading Playful Parenting and Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour, I’m determined to use play, song, and story more often in our daily routines, but this doesn’t come easily to me which is why I’ve checked out Storytelling and the Art of Imagination.  And I’m also perusing Basic Montessori and Naturally Healthy Babies and Children.

Knitting: Baby hats.  Like my reading list, my knitting list is heavily stacked with things focused on small people.  Perhaps it’s time I balance things out with a simple project just for Mama … any suggestions?

I’m joining in Ginny’s Yarn Along today.


12 thoughts on “yarn along

  1. Have you ever read D.E. Stevenson? She is a British author, her writing career spans the 40’s through early 70’s. Her books are nice, easy to read fiction with likable characters. Not heavy going or super exciting, but nice. The baby hat is beautiful! Happy knitting.

  2. It was my first time participating in the yarn along and I’m having so much fun reading the posts! Your hats are adorable, and the parenting books — well, I’ve read bunches of those, too. My favorite is “Grace Based Parenting” – I wonder how you will like “The No Cry Sleep Solution” – sounds interesting.

    You have a great blog here – glad I stopped by!


  3. Hey Sara…what was that facepaint website again. It flew out of my head this afternoon. thanks again for having us over.

      • Scones…..just the name makes me smile! I’ll clean my house and then we can have you all out for scones for moms and running around outside for kids:)

  4. I have read The Girl With theDragon Tattoo trilogy, yes have time to read it as you will loose sleep:)

    I love parenting books, most of the time could find something useful in them.

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