right now

Five hours in the car with a nine-month-old who doesn’t sleep in the car — not my idea of a picnic.  Also, who would’ve thought that this late in April we’d be having to schedule our travels around snowstorms in the forecast??

But right now, we’re here safe and sound, where there are a few extra pairs of baby-holding arms around.

All too often I find myself inhabiting the lands of Someday and Might-Have-Been.  Right Now is an exercise I try to practice here every Tuesday, an attempt to let go of anything that is holding me back from paying attention to the beauty and wonder in the life I’m living right now.  Feel free to join in with a comment or a link to your own post!


4 thoughts on “right now

  1. Elliot doesn’t sleep in the car either! He is way to busy watching his brother to even think about sleeping. Glad you guys made it back safely, this weather is no fun to drive in, or even look at! We are all getting stir-crazy especially since last week we had 2 beautiful days! We will have to get together this summer for play dates! beach, zoo, park…we are up for anything!

  2. Yes, driving in the car can be crazy and snow on top of it is never fun, but getting back and being with family is always worth it. Have a great visit and a safe drive back.

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