fun with Alphabet Glue

I was oh-so-excited to win a copy of Alphabet Glue in Amanda’s giveaway.  And it came just in time to help us beat the last of the winter blues (uh, yeah, I know it’s technically spring here, but tell that to Mother Nature — poor Adeline, who is just getting a grasp on the order of the seasons, can’t quite figure out why winter came back after spring had begun).  Anyway, Alphabet Glue is a downloadable magazine about all things book: there are book lists, book making projects, book inspired crafts, book related games (Who wants to play library?! Me!  Oh, I guess you can play, too, Adeline).  For a family of bibliophiles, this is heavenly.

We started with the small book-in-a-box, which was so much fun.  I did most of the cutting and writing, but Adeline could help with the coloring and gluing and making up the story. 

In the end we had a masterpiece, “Noah’s Ark” by Mama & Adeline.  And it satisfies her infatuation with all things small.

We’ve also been having fun with the mix-and-match story cards.  These will be great as writing prompts for older kids, but for now we’ve been using them for storytelling, which is timely since that’s something I’m trying to do more of in our daily lives anyway.  I keep coming back to Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour and Storytelling and the Art of Imagination, which are both very helpful and inspiring.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting the next issue of Alphabet Glue, due out in June.


5 thoughts on “fun with Alphabet Glue

  1. That looks like a fun project! We make books from time to time, my mother as a book binder thingy that is awesome and really makes them feel like real books! ours are usually just pictures and the story changes every time Hayden tells it to me, maybe I should start writing them down so we can look back at them and see just how silly he could be. oh and by the way your girls are gorgeous! can’t wait to take your pics in May!

  2. This is great!! Elijah isn’t old enough yet… but I have hopes that he’ll like to do this… he really likes writing with a pen on a pad of paper. 🙂 And I thoroughly enjoyed your outdoor pictures! We got yet another layer of snow last night…. sigh. 🙂

  3. This is a great idea. I’m focusing on projects this week with the weather. So, we’ll have to try this one as well. I can’t believe you won another giveaway! I’ve never won anything!!! 🙂 Have a Blessed Easter.

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