Jonah’s stripey hat

Well, I finally finished Jonah’s hat (which I cast on in December) just in time for his baby shower … four months later.

When I think “baby hat” I think “quick & easy knitting project.”  Though there was nothing complicated about this pattern, it took much longer than I anticipated … darn those size 1 needles.  So I had to make a few gnomey hats afterward just to balance it out — they knit up so quickly!  (Bea’s gnomey hat can be seen here, but I didn’t get a picture of Jonah’s… perhaps my sweet sister would be so kind as to post a picture of it on her blog??)

So here is Bea modeling her cousin’s hat.  In fact, she wore this quite a lot as our Springtime has been on the chilly side here.

I bought the yarn at a craft fair a while ago and I’m completely in love with it.  I’m pretty sure it was made by these people.

Yes, we’d gotten used to having that stripey hat around, but it’s in a new home now.  We’ll miss you, old friend.  Perhaps we’ll see you around once in a while.


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