storybook bunting

When I saw this banner made from vintage Golden Books, I was smitten.  I knew I had to make one, too.  But making one was so easy (and fun! and quick! — as long as my mom was watching the girls, that is) that I ended up making four.

My mom and I used them to decorate for my sister’s baby shower.  And after the shower — two for sis, two for me.  Great in a kid’s room.


11 thoughts on “storybook bunting

    • Oh, I probably should have mention that most of the books were thrifted and in disrepair. But yes, it still hurts me to cut up books — I always want to keep and try to mend them even when they’re beyond mending. But I do feel better using them for a project like this than just tossing them out.

  1. I cringed when I read this at first because I was thinking of all my collectable Golden Books! I totally didn’t think about books in disrepair. Will you post a little tutorial? I would love to make one for Kate’s bedroom!

  2. This is so beautiful – just so simple and fun. I am now on the hunt for Golden Books, though I wonder if I could find a good source online for photos. Now I must hunt…

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    • Sorry, Rose, I never did make a tutorial for this. But it’s really simple! I chose a rounded bottom shape rather than triangle so I could get more of the pictures. Once I had a size and shape I liked (made template out of piece of paper, traced it onto book pages, cut them out), it was very easy to just sew them to the ric-rac with my sewing machine. I hope that helps a little!

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