Bea’s big butt baby pants

One of the things I failed to realize our first time around with cloth diapers: modern baby clothes are not cut to fit over those giant cloth bums.  Which meant pants would only fit if they were a size up, which meant that they’d be too long, and forget about finding jeans that fit over those diapers.  Back then, I never even dreamt of sewing my kids’ clothes so we just made do.  But this time around…

we found the Big Butt Baby Pants sewing pattern at Made by Rae.  A million thanks to Rae for making this for sale!  It’s a great pattern, easy-t0-follow-directions, and best of all (and most important) these pants actually fit!


13 thoughts on “Bea’s big butt baby pants

  1. Those are too cute. Yes I had the same problem find pants for the kids when they were in cloth. I am loving those pants, but I have no use for such patterns, boo ;(

  2. I’m impressed with anyone who can stick with cloth diapers and now you are making clothes for your cloth diapers! I’m impressed and how motivated you are! keep it up, oh and super cute!

  3. Miss that face – How sweet! Jonah keeps talking up a storm. He’ll be able to chat with Bea next time we see you!

  4. so sweet! and yes, cloth diapers are hard to fit into clothing especially as they get older. now you make me wish i could sew because i’ve still got a boy wearing cloth. also, because a) i’m nosy and b) i ask everyone i come across that uses cloth, which system did you go with?

  5. So cute! I wish I had discovered this pattern when my little one was still in 2T, they are great! As for cloth diapers, we us flip diapers and they are slim enough to fit in jeans 🙂

  6. I haven’t made these yet but I’ve had my eyes on them for a long time. With summer here now is the perfect time! Whenever Harper doesn’t have a cloth diaper on I look at him and think, “Oh my, he’s so small!” lol.
    By the way, I have been meaning to write you back. Will get on that soon! Take care,

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