right now

My “To Make” list is as long as my arm and just keeps growing, and while I thought that when summer rolled around I’d be able to sit down to a bit more sewing and knitting, quite the opposite has been true, as with the warmer weather we find ourselves rarely indoors, too busy tending flowers and herbs, strolling through the neighborhood, playing at the park.  It’s frustrating to have so many ideas in my head that I can’t bring into reality.

But right now, I’m trying to focus my creativity on tasks that don’t necessarily produce something I can hold in my hands in the end.  Serendipitously, I ran across some wise words from two of my favorite bloggers, just I needed them most.  First of all, I’ve been re-reading The Creative Family and this struck a chord with me: “Creativity goes deeper than the ‘art’ sense of the word; it encompasses a whole way of living and being.  Gratitude, and recognizing gratitude, can have a powerful effect on our whole lives.  When we feel grateful, we feel full — full of love, full of inspiration, full of ideas, and full of creative spirit.”

And then I read this wonderful post by Meg at Sew Liberated, which says in part: ” I really believe I must embrace the concept of creativity beyond simply making things… I give [my son] the gift of my creative thought as I plan our days, as I cook a meal. I use my creativity to redirect him when he feels frustrated. I use my creativity when I spontaneously burst into song or a silly dance… Just re-route your creativity to living, rather than making.”  Many thanks to these articulate ladies, and to all the rest of you bloggers as well, who are constantly inspiring me and offering support and wise words.  It’s amazing how often I stumble upon words that I didn’t even know I needed, just when I needed them most.

All too often I find myself inhabiting the lands of Someday and Might-Have-Been.  Right Now is an exercise I try to practice here every Tuesday, an attempt to let go of anything that is holding me back from paying attention to the beauty and wonder in the life I’m living right now.  Feel free to join in with a comment or a link to your own post!


3 thoughts on “right now

  1. Absolutely – to all of it. My list is also insanely long and my desire to create has not waned, if anything, increased, yet I feel as though I could use a mental break from making, as well as time spent more “in the now.” So often I find myself totally in my head, off in Never Never Land, or simply *wishing* that I was able to have some alone time to create. When I realize I’m doing this, I feel as though I’m robbing myself and others of my full presence. I really like this weekly practice you have going on, and echo my gratitude for Meg and Amanda’s words. Recognizing the ways in which I experience creativity in every day life, and *finding peace with that* is what I strive towards.

  2. I needed to hear all of that… I couldn’t express what was bugging me with all my lists- feeling that I need to have something physically represent the creativity I long to express. I’m writing those quotes down and posting them where I can read them each day!

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