story lanterns

The summer issue of Alphabet Glue arrived at the perfect time  (much like the last one): several days of constant rain, several cousins stuck in the house, complaints of boredom on the tips of many tongues.

The story lanterns were just what we needed to occupy kids young and old (and older) for an hour or so.   (And fortunately, there is no shortage of Mason jars at my parents’ house!)

Adeline, who is only 3, wanted a bit of help to write out her story and needed me to position the papers inside the jar, but the older kids managed everything on their own.

One thing to be aware of: make sure your hands are small enough to fit into the jar!  Jake’s hand nearly got stuck and he ended up tearing a piece of his drawing.  The kids and I had no problems with that.

Since we didn’t have Mod Podge on hand, we used a mixture of Elmer’s glue and water.  I think it was a bit too runny; it seemed to smudge some of the artwork.  Next time, we will hold out for the Mod Podge.

Great project, enjoyed by all!


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