mulberry season

How do you know when the mulberries are ripe?

When you start seeing purple bird poop everywhere, they’re probably ready.

Another good indicator: when your 3-year-old comes in with a berry stained mouth and purple handprint-smears all down her clothes.

We are fortunate to have a mulberry tree growing next door in the yard of a neighbor who no longer gathers them, so we borrowed a ladder and spread out a sheet and shook down as many as we could.

There was a foray into jam making, using the instructions in The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, but we were a bit impatient and didn’t let it cook down quite long enough.  So now we’ve got seven jars of lumpy mulberry syrup.  Eh, it still tastes awesome.  And it’s great on a waffle.

One more thing: don’t walk barefoot under a mulberry tree, unless you’re going for the purple-stained-feet look.


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