summer update

In that characteristic way of summer, we’ve been doing so very much and, at the same time, doing nothing at all.  I’ve had oodles of blog posts in my head, but no time to stop and write them.  So here’s a little bit of what’s going on around here.

The girls are growing as fast as the weeds which are engulfing our front yard.

You really can grow sunflowers in a pot.  I was dubious at first, but it can be done.  They do drink up quite a bit of water though.  And on windy days they were tipping over a lot so we had to get larger pots.  Well worth the effort!

Sisters sitting quietly.  This happens so rarely that I had to capture the moment.  There are plenty of “sisters playing boisterously” moments and “sisters screaming playfully” moments and “sisters fighting and squabbling” moments.  But the quiet is so rare.

We have a new Saturday morning ritual: bagels & coffee.

Bea learned to play the harmonica.  Her daddy taught her (and he wears that same furrowed brow when he’s playing music, too).

A cat on a diet is a truly annoying thing.

I’ve been hanging out with my new best friend, Hazel Atlas.

We’ve been seeing this face a lot.

Did I mention I’m in love with sunflowers?

Someone’s hair is growing.

So anyway, things might continue to be sparse around this blog, as I almost had a panic attack the other day realizing that summer is half over and I haven’t done half the things I wanted to do yet.  So I’m redoubling my efforts to take advantage of every last inch of summer.  Except for today.  Today it’s too hot to leave the house.  So I’ll start tomorrow.

Hope you all are enjoying every last bit of summer goodness, too!


4 thoughts on “summer update

  1. wonderful shots and glimpses into your summer!
    i had to giggle when i read about your realization that summer is half over … every end of summer i realize i haven’t done all the things on my ‘list’ and put it on next years list … but those summer months have a way of capturing you in a whirl-wind don’t they?!

  2. Love those sunflowers. Reminds me of driving out to SD when we lived in MN and the beautiful sunflower fields we would see once we got into SD.

    Your kids are so super cute… I was very bummed we were unable to get together in Bowdle the end of June.

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