summer snapshots

Just a few things I’d like to remember about this summer.  Our summer.

This life, right now.

:: All my shirts have purple stains on the left shoulder (something to do with mulberries, little hands, a baby hoisted on my left hip.)

:: A goldfinch found our sunflowers!  What a lovely song he has.

:: A $4 sprinkler was arguably the best investment we made all summer.

:: Moon flowers.  Cool.

:: Evenings spent in the company of Foyle

:: Firefly walks.

:: There are many cottonwood trees in this area, and when Adeline first saw their seeds floating down, she exclaimed, “Look!  Wild fuzz!”

:: Our first time at the Sioux River Folk Festival.  But definitely not our last!!

:: Daddy-daughter brewing.

:: I wish it hadn’t taken me half of summer to remember that little tent stashed away in the closet.  Oh, well.  They are loving it now.

A few things I wouldn’t mind forgetting about this summer:
— Adeline being stung by a wasp (and her ensuing fear of all flying insects)
–My near constant refrain of “Don’t push your sister!  Don’t kick your sister!  Be gentle with your sister!”  Oh, I think back on my own poor mother’s attempts to make me and my sister get along, and I know I deserve this one.
–The sugar ants that wouldn’t leave.
— Summer laundry.  Wet clothes, dirty clothes, muddy clothes.  Swimsuits, beach towels, picnic blankets.  Sand in the bed sheets.  Socks full of mulberry juice.  Outfits covered in watermelon cherry plum drips.  Oy.

The good of summer is certainly outweighing the bad.  As far as I’m concerned, summer can stick around for a whole lot longer!


10 thoughts on “summer snapshots

  1. i love this. and i love your south dakota summer. it makes me wish we were there. i planned to follow abram around with the camera this summer, but then it got insanely hot and humid, then i got pregnormous, then the tiny baby arrived. needless to say, there was much less activity this summer than there was last summer! here’s to hoping for a glorious autumn. 🙂

  2. I think your summer has been a lot like our summer, busy! I love the lazy days when nothing is planned but maybe a quick run through the sprinkler, but I love the play dates to the pool, or the library for a puppet show! oh summer I am going to miss you! It was more fun this summer now that the babes are a little more grown up and we mommies are not exhausted from nursing 24/7! Hayden will be starting preschool at the big school this year and I’m back it work, so we have some big changes for the Fall! take care of that beautiful family and if you still want some pics taken call me, text me, facebook me or e-mail me and we can set something up!

  3. Great synopsis of the summer! I feel like we are finally home to enjoy it… too much in and out for me. I am wondering why I even bother planting a garden. 🙂 Thanks for the update!

  4. Great to see your family and what you’ve been up to! I can’t believe Adeline got stung-poor little thing. I wish I could say that the kids will grow out of that stage and start getting along…but, it’s just not the case, with my girls anyway! It’s a love/hate relationship for sure. Take care! XO

  5. I love this collection of moments…such a reminder that it all flits by so fast. Especially those little toes in the grass…imagine how big they’ll be next summer. 🙂

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