Riverboat Days

This weekend was a long one for us.  A big, big, busy weekend.  So full.  So fun.

It started early, on Thursday, with the anticipation of grandparents arriving; with a hailstorm getting here first.  Luckily the two (grandparents and hailstorm) did not cross paths.

On Friday: a craft fair, more grandparents arriving, a carnival, some cotton candy.  A glimpse of the fireworks.  And somewhere in there, one of the very best meals I’ve ever eaten.  Prepared with the help of many hands.  Grampie’s pork sandwiches, corn & beet salad, panzanella, fresh green beans, and Nanny’s pickles.  Topped off by Nanny’s cookies.  Oh, my!

Saturday was the parade, the art fair on the river, mimes, another ice cream cone.  Also funnel cakes and deep fried candy bars with friends.

And Sunday, suddenly, it was all over.  We said farewell to loved ones, and hello to a little bit of peace and quiet (a very little bit, considering the volume of my girls’ screams these days!).


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