Now that it is actually getting dark out before the girls go to bed, we’ve been winding down at night with candlelight.  It’s amazing the difference the soft light makes in their moods . . . well, most of the time.  We still have those occasions where they run around chasing each other and screaming like crazy (but, you know, as long as they’re playing happily together, I don’t mind too much).

Anyway, we made these lanterns from glass jars and tissue paper.  Fun to make, and lovely to end the day with.  It’s pretty simple and straightforward, but in case you’re wondering, here’s what we did:

1.  Remove labels from old jars.

2. Tear or cut tissue paper into small pieces.

3.  Paint a small portion of the outside of the jar with Mod Podge and adhere tissue paper (use the glue sparingly; too much will make the tissue paper too wet and cause it to fall apart).

4. When jar is completely covered, let dry; then add another light layer of Mod Podge over top.

5.  Put a tea light in the jar and you’re good to glow! 🙂


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