summer kitchen

Why am I writing a post about summer food when summer is already over?  Partly because I’m a procrastinator, partly because next summer when I’m wondering what to cook, I’ll be able to look back at this post and get a few ideas.  Maybe you will, too.

Zuppa Tuscana was scrumptious and loved by all members of the family.  (And it is just one of the many bacon-filled recipes we’ve been enjoying this summer).

Also enjoyed by the younger (and generally pickier) among us are Rosina’s fritters (great with bacon, too!).

Stuffed peppers are great on the grill.

I can’t get enough of this simple beet and sweet corn salad.

Panzanella is my new favorite summer salad.  It’s basically made up of bread crumbs, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Oh, and (again) bacon.  I used the recipe from The Cleaner Plate Club, which included avocados, but there are many variations out there on the Internet.

Although I generally find myself frustrated by the Martha Stewart website, I do love the seasonal produce guide.  (Epicurious has one too.)

I never did get around to making these zucchini whoopie pies.  Seemed like whenever I had an opportunity to make them, it was always too hot to turn on the oven.  Maybe next year…


5 thoughts on “summer kitchen

  1. these photos are fantastic and the dishes look scrumptious! oh, how i wish my boys would eat veggies. (though, abram did devour the pumpkin-zucchini-buckwehat pancakes!) lucky for me, i found some friends with whom to share our winter csa. yay!

    ps–i miss you.

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