Meet Edith.

I made her for Beatrice, as a First Birthday present.  And she was actually finished on time (July 5th)!  I simply haven’t got around to blogging about her yet.

Edith is the Tag-along Doll from Wee Wonderfuls (made with felt and some fabric I bought in a scrap-bag from Amanda).  I first checked this book out from the library (as is my habit with craft books), but I was only a few pages into it before I knew I had to have my own copy.  And Adeline was right beside me, insisting that I make her nearly every single project in the book.  (She wants the Sleepover Pals for her birthday present.)

The project was pretty simple and straightforward — and, for me, a bit time-consuming, as my hand-sewing skills are not what I wish they were.  And there is so much starting and stopping when making these little creatures: thread the needle, take a few stitches, tie your knot, thread the needle with a new color, and etc. — an exercise in patience, for me.

And I learned a few things along the way… like the right way to sew dolls legs on.  Unfortunately, that was figured out the instant after I finished stitching them on Edith the wrong way.  Ah, next time I’ll get it right.  I also ended up using some fabric glue to keep the collar attached to the dress, which isn’t called for in the book, but Edith’s collar kept going all wonky otherwise.

Poor Edith doesn’t get much action during playtime yet (much like Adeline’s Miffy), which is probably just as well, since I don’t know if my handiwork would hold up to much rough and tumble.  Perhaps this way they will be preserved and passed on to future generations as treasured keepsakes?  Someday, I hope, they will be appreciated.  At the very least, I had a wonderful time in the process of creating them.

One reason for the delay in blogging about Edith: I was trying to get a really great shot of Beatrice playing with her.  But the two above are as good as it gets.

Adeline will play with her occasionally — mostly because of the very poorly-made pocket on the front.  I love the fact that pockets are so magical to little kids.  A place to tuck away secrets.  No matter what it is, if there’s a pocket on it, it’s ten times cooler.

So I’m pretty please with Edith.  She’ll probably have a few more Wonderful friends before long…


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