late bloomer

Back in July, when all the other purple coneflowers in the neighborhood were blooming, the plants in my poor little perennial bed were languishing lazily.  We’d put in a little flower garden around the tree in our backyard in the spring, but the soil was poor and nothing grew very well.  We didn’t do much in terms of fertilizing, because I want the plants grow there to be pretty low maintenance (so that whoever moves into this apartment after us doesn’t have to do much to care for them).  So I was kind of thinking survival of the fittest — these plants need to take care of themselves.

Anyway, at the end of our lovely, warm September, a bud appeared on one of the coneflower plants.  Then a couple more.  I didn’t expect the weather to stay nice long enough for the flowers to bloom, but I was wrong.  I feel like I should say I’ve learned some kind of life lesson from this or something.  But my brain isn’t functioning quite properly today (Bea is getting 4 molars at once.  Guess who hasn’t been sleeping??).  So I’ll just leave it at that.



One thought on “late bloomer

  1. I love your beautiful late bloomers. And I think you have the right gardening idea, live and let live, so to speak. Sorry about the lack of sleep. Here’s hoping those suckers sprout sooner than later!

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