our thankful tree

Though we won’t be eating Thanksgiving dinner at our house, we made this centerpiece for our table.  This is our Thankful Tree.

We used these directions to make coffee filter leaves with markers and a spray bottle.  Once they dried, we spent some time brainstorming to come up with a list of blessings we are thankful for, and I wrote them on the leaves in permanent marker.  Then we clipped them to a branch with teeny clothes pins and stuck the branch in a jar of old flax seeds.

Just a few of the things Adeline is thankful for: vitamins, her Halloween costume, her rake, and “candles to light our way.”

May you all have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!


4 thoughts on “our thankful tree

  1. isn’t it funny what kids are thankful for? abram brought home a little thankfulness turkey from the sitter’s (a coffee can decorate like a turkey on the outside–super cute), and inside there were pieces of paper with all the things abram is thankful for: mom, dad, olivia, grandma, grandpa, and cars. he’s probably most thankful for cars.

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