our Jesse tree (branch)

“There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots.”  Isaiah 11:1

Last week a friend introduced me to the website Smart Martha, which has (among other things) some very good ideas for celebrating the festivals and feast days of the Church year.  They had a link to these downloadable Jesse tree ornaments & devotions.  Last year I saw a few other bloggers doing a Jesse tree, but I’d never heard of it before.  In case this is new to you, too, it’s basically a genealogy of Jesus — a family tree, with a different ornament each day to represent different ancestors.

My friend and I spent a bit of time looking at the examples of Jesse trees and brainstorming our own — a paper tree?  Felt or fabric?  Mini-clothespins or Velcro?  A Google search got me excited about so many ideas for next year & beyond.  I thought maybe we’d skip it this year.  We were already about 9 ornaments (days) behind, and we don’t have the space to set another tree, not even space on the wall for a paper one (because if it is anywhere Bea the Destroyer can reach it, she certainly will).

But one thing we do have in this apartment is, oddly, lots of plant hooks in the ceiling.  So I just suspended a stick with string — voila, Jesse tree branch.  The ornaments are unlaminated, simply hole-punched at the top and strung with baker’s twine (thanks, Kimberly!).  It takes very little time to hang up and talk about each day’s ornament, but it is still a pleasant little activity that Adeline and I share, another chance to take a moment each day and reflect on the coming of our Savior.


3 thoughts on “our Jesse tree (branch)

  1. I’ve always wanted to do a Jesse tree with the kids to but just haven’t got to it yet so I’m definitely going to check out the site you recommended! We used a branch to hang our advent stuff on this year to and I love having a bit of outdoors inside 🙂

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