Our weekend was so full, so busy, but so good.  Full of friends and food and singing and being outdoors; so much go-go-going, but a good deal of staying at home, too.

It started with a daddy/daughter day out so mommy could do some much-needed cleaning.  There is nothing like starting out in a clean space to make a weekend wonderful.

There were many gatherings of friends.  Our first (and hopefully not last!) nut-cracking party.  Adeline’s children’s program at church.  Jake singing in the choir’s Christmas cantata.  Also a caroling party (songs & soup, two of my favorite things!).

Also, the weather was amazingly warm.  There were two trips to playgrounds (Adeline said, “Mommy, I noticed you can go to the park in winter!”), and a walk through the “woods” (i.e. vacant lot full of trees) near our house so Adeline could find “wood for the winter” — you know, to carve into Christmas shapes like bells and Santas.

I cannot think of a better way to spend a weekend!

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