three Christmases

Back in October, we passed a milestone of sorts.  We have been living in this home longer than we’ve ever lived in one place during our seven-and-a-half years of marriage (our old record was 2 years, 3 months).

snowman from Elsie Marley’s advent coloring book

In this place, more than in any other, I’ve let myself grow attached; I’ve dug some roots down into this community, even though I knew from the beginning that this place would likely be no more permanent than the rest have been.  I’ve literally dug roots here, planting a small perrenial flower bed, knowing full well that I won’t be here to see these plants come into their prime.  We’ve hung pictures on the wall.  For our girls, this is the only place Adeline remembers as home, and the only home Bea has ever known.

We’ve established traditions here, some that we can adapt and take with us wherever we end up, but some that revolve around this community that I will miss deeply when we’re gone.

A lot of things have been up in the air lately, with regards to staying or leaving … when … where?  Entering into our third Christmas in this home (more than we’ve ever celebrated in one place before) I was growing a bit sad, nervous, thinking it might be our last here; thinking of all leaving behind all our friends, adding more names to the list of good people we only correspond with via Christmas letter.  And always quietly praying that we will find a way to stay here — for good.

Even though I’m often anxious to be settled in “our place,” wherever that may be, it has been a bit of a relief to find out that we’ll  be staying here for a while longer than we originally thought.  That I’ll be able to tend those perennials this summer.  That we can watch the fireworks over the river again.  That we can make it to one last beer potluck and eat homemade funnel cakes during Riverboat Days.  That I can take Adeline to see The Nutcracker on her birthday one more time.  That we won’t have to say goodbye just yet to some very, very dear people.

That we will likely celebrate one more Christmas right here.  At home.


7 thoughts on “three Christmases

  1. I understand completely. We’ve been here since Abram was 3 months old, and he will be 4 in May. His baby sister is already 5 months old. Our kids are growing up here. We feel established, part of this community, and part of our church, whilst simultaneously feeling like visitors. The duality can be frustrating! But then I am reminded that today might be all that we have, and that we ought not worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:25-34). And although I was fully prepared (and admittedly content) to stay here another year, we might finally be saying goodbye to St. Louis…

  2. I said a prayer of thanks that you get to stay in one place for a little longer. This is the longest I’ve lived anywhere since leaving home. It’s nice… odd but there is a part of me that still expects to be uprooted at anytime. 🙂

  3. This is the longest we’ve been in one home as well! We are finally kicking some of our “future addiction” and allowing ourselves to enjoy and embrace the place where we’re at–a big feat for us. We planted berry bushes and fruit trees last fall…who wants to miss those maturing?

    On another note, hope to see you guys again sometime! If you’re in Sioux Falls, please message me and we should try to meet up for supper or something. 🙂

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