This weekend was

Epiphany: pink cupcakes, blessing the house, and three Sleepover Pals (from Wee Wonderfuls) finished just in time for opening presents.

Of course, the whole weekend was spent chasing Beatrice, who kept insisting that the new dollies were hers (“My!!”), and returning the dolls to their rightful owner.  And then trying unsuccessfully to convince Bea to play with her own doll.

The amaryllis is in full bloom.

Beatrice keeps shedding her clothes and running around gleefully shouting “Nay-nee, nay-nee!” which is her way of saying “nakee,” i.e. naked.

Food was a big focus this weekend, both making it and sharing it.  We, like many people, made a few food resolutions for this year, so activity in the kitchen is picking up.  Unfortunately, the resolutions did not involve making fewer dirty dishes.  Fortunately (for me), Jake washed almost all of them this weekend.

The weather is still so unseasonably warm that we went hiking.  The trail was short and Adeline walked the whole way without complaining (until we got back to the parking lot and suddenly it was questionable whether she’d be able to make it back to the van), and Beatrice was carried the whole way, except for once we’d reached the top of the scenic overlook, when we put her on the ground for less than two minutes and she managed to fall into a patch of burrs, which got stuck all over her fleece pants.

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