coffee & corduroy coasters

After I made myself these coasters, I promised my friend Gi I’d make her some, too.  For her birthday.  In 2010.

Well.  First I had a case of fabric-related indecision.  Finally I settled on this idea: coffee & corduroy, a play on the name of her blog.

I am a super-procrastinator when it comes to hand-stitching.  I’m not sure why, because once I finally force myself to sit down and do it, it’s never that painful, and it never takes very long.  But it’s pretty obvious that I don’t practice much, because my hand work is still atrocious.  I tell myself it looks more folky that way.  Anyway, I’m sure Gi will understand, since she is the person who pointed me to this Wendell Berry quotation:

“The body characterizes everything it touches. What it makes it traces over with the marks of its pulses and breathings, its excitements, hesitations, flaws, and mistakes. On its good work, it leaves the marks of skill, care, and love persisting through hesitations, flaws, and mistakes. And to those of us who love and honor the life of the body in this world, these marks are precious things, necessities of life.”

So, here they finally are, only one year late, the Coffee & Corduroy Coasters.  Love ya, Gi!!


4 thoughts on “coffee & corduroy coasters

  1. thankyouthankyouthankyou! i LOVE my coasters. they are just perfect, and they make me want to recover my throw pillows to match the blue. i just might. and for the record, i also LOVE belated birthday presents; they’re like “second birthday.” well, technically, they were on time for my birthday this year, but that is neither here nor there.

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