chalk cloth puppet theater

After a good friend of mine saw our puppet theater, she sort of commissioned me to make one for her kids.

By that time, I’d bought the book Oliver + S Little Things to Sew, and wanted to try out the doorway puppet theater project, which is a lot better constructed than my by-the-seat-of-my-pants felt theater.

The project has a very cute fabric house on the front (you can find a picture of it here) and I struggled with the choice of fabric, or whether I should leave it off entirely.  Then I had a flash of brilliance — chalk cloth!  Or perhaps it was not really so brilliant, as it made the theater sort of bulky and hard to sew.  However, I think it also stayed in place better than a fabric “house” would have, making a few less wrinkles in the end.

So anyway, now they have a fully customizable puppet theater/store/restaurant/house/whatever!  And we can’t wait to come over and play! 😉



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