Christmas gifts

Seeing as it is almost February, I forced myself to stop procrastinating and finish this post about our Christmas gifts.  This year we did a one-size-fits-all kind of thing and made these magnetic notepads.  I’ve had this idea in my head for a very long time now, so we’d been saving our scrap paper for it.  But we ended up having to buy a pack of computer paper because we didn’t have enough.

This was a really fun, easy project.  But it was a bit more time consuming than I anticipated, because somehow it slipped my mind that making 10 of something almost always takes longer than making 1.  Most of them were done on time!  We ended up using a roll of flat, self-adhesive magnet, instead of the round magnets suggested in the instructions.  We found the flat ones to be stronger, but the self-adhesive didn’t hold up the best — our own notepad came apart from the magnet after about a week.  We just used some super glue on it, and now it’s fine.

This was truly a family endeavor.  Adeline had a blast using the circle punch and putting on the stickers to make tags.  We also made some dough ornaments, and she decorated the small ones with glitter glue; then we used them to decorate the packages.

We got this idea from a Highlights High Five magazine: using an inkpad, Adeline made fingerprints all the way around the frame; then I drew a line connecting them with a green permanent marker.  They are supposed to look like Christmas lights.  We did this project with friends, which was a really good time, and it got me thinking that it would be really fun to host a crafternoon . . . if only I had a bigger house!


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