yarn along

Reading: I know I’m not the first one to mention it, but we’re in love with Annabelle and her box of never-ending yarn in Extra Yarn.  It was first recommended to us by our librarians (you know that perhaps you are an overly-zealous library patron when they hand you a book you hadn’t reserved with a note — “We thought you would enjoy this” — or perhaps it just means you have really good librarians!).  After the very first reading I ordered my own copy from Amazon.  It’s so great.

Knitting (together!):  Adeline loves the fingerless mitts I won in Svenna’s giveaway, so I’m making some for her.  She also loves the knitting fork she got for Christmas.  I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to do it, but she learned with very little frustration (which is rare with this child).  She’s working on a chain that we plan to weave into a rug — exciting!

yarning along with Ginny


9 thoughts on “yarn along

  1. this is so sweet. i wonder if abram would knit with me… though i don’t knit very often. for me, it’s a winter craft, and i haven’t picked up my needles since the weather got warm (which means i finished one legwarmer and the other is still waiting to be seamed!). i love that you knit all the time. and wooden needles always remind me of you!

  2. I just checked that book out from the library yesterday!! Such a lovely little book. Thinking we need our own copy around here as well! I also bought my daughter a knitting mushroom for her 5th b-day which was this past friday. So far, she isn’t too thrilled with it…but I am hoping that changes!

  3. Oh my goodness. I saw the little stopper-looking kind of thing on the end of one of your double pointed needles. How in the world had I never seen that before? I didn’t know such a thing existed. Thank you so much for sharing the knitting in progress instead of a picture of just the item (which is what I usually do) or I might never have caught that. Thank you thank you. I am off to see what I can stick onto the end of my needle (and maybe…just a little bit…wonder where my brain has been).

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