Bea can’t quite wrap her mind around the fact that we don’t need to put on mittens and hats before we go out anymore.  If someone mentions “outside,” she runs to the hat basket and starts bundling up.  Probably I should just pack all that winter gear away, but part of me (the part that has lived 26 years in South Dakota) can’t quite believe that it won’t snow again.

We planted lettuces, spinach, and Swiss chard in our planters.  They sprouted within 4-5 days.  Adeline is thrilled, and I’m thrilled watching her.  And I can’t wait to eat a homegrown salad with our new favorite dressing.

Adeline and I have been reading a chapter of Tumtum and Nutmeg every night before bed.  Reading chapter books with my children is something I daydreamed about before I even had children.  I never thought it would be happening already, but Adeline is very excited about it.  She actually says she’s ready for bed about an hour earlier than her bedtime, because she wants to find out what’s happening to those mice.  We’re nearing the end, so I’m trying to decide on our next book.  Any suggestions on favorite chapter book read-alouds for the very young?

We switched cat foods, and our cat has been constantly hacking up hairballs (something he never did before).  There is no reason for you to know or care about this, except that Beatrice, the great imitator, tries to make the same sounds as the hacking cat, which is rather hilarious.

As a housewarming gift, we put out a bowl of small scraps of yarn and fabric to welcome back all those birds who’ll be building new nests (an idea from The Rhythm of the Family).  I don’t think any birds have taken anything, but it’s a fun idea anyway.

It is March.  We have already played in the sprinkler.  This blows my mind.

I am laughing at the fact that the last few loads of laundry contained long underwear, swimsuits, wool socks, shorts, and skirts, footie pajamas and sleeveless nightgowns.

We’ve been trying to encourage Adeline to be more independent and take more responsibility for herself.  There is so much that she is able to do, but she lacks the motivation to do it.  So I’ve been trying not to lose my temper and yell when “encouraging” doesn’t work; also trying not to lose my patience and just do it for her when she dawdles.  Easier said than done.

One result of this encouragement with regards to dressing herself means that she often changes outfits three or more times a day now.  I try not to freak out about all the laundry this is creating.  After all, this springtime weather, so cool in the morning and hot by afternoon, often necessitates at least one change anyway.

In that last picture, under her jacket Bea is wearing two of her sister’s t-shirts over her pajama top, and Adeline’s skirt over Adeline’s shorts over five pairs of Adeline’s underwear.  Gah, the laundry!