6 thoughts on “out-of-doors

  1. hah! i was just going to post pictures of the flowers from our yard, too! what are the little white bell-shaped flowers called? i LOVE the photo of the dandelions with the sun rays coming down behind them. the girls are just beautiful, like their mama.

    • Thank you, sweet Gi! Tis the season to be taking pictures of flowers . . . I just can’t stop myself. I mean, how crazy amazing beautiful are they?

      The bell-shaped flowers are lily of the valley. We had them at both of our residences in St Louis — look around on the shady sides of some buildings and I bet you’ll find some nearby!

  2. Your flowers and veggies are so big!! We’re just starting to see things poke out of the garden here and our first dandelions have finally bloomed *grin*. I want to live closer to you 🙂

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