we’ve been . . .

… eating the first of our (very few) red ripe strawberries.

… spotting so many ladybugs . . . unfortunately they are no match for all the aphids on our leafy greens.

… drinking smoothies and wearing bonnets (hooray for giveaways).

… riding bikes.  Adeline loves her bike, and can ride for literally miles.  Thanks to a new basket, now her kitty can come along.

… painting rocks.

… celebrating Mothers’ Day with burgers, friends, live music, butterfly dancing, lots of flowers, and painted rocks.

… going through band-aids like crazy.

… wondering how Adeline managed to scrape up her face in almost exactly the same way she did 2 summers ago.


3 thoughts on “we’ve been . . .

  1. Can’t believe you have ripe strawberries there already!! Ours are at least a week or more away, if the chipmunks don’t get them first!

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