In our front yard, we’re spotting lots of ladybugs . . . and their larvae and pupae and eggs!  (Here are some pictures of a ladybug’s life cycle.)  Adeline loves to let them crawl on her; Bea wants to hold them, too, but freaks out as soon as they start crawling up her arm.  Very fun, plus we’ve got way fewer aphids on our greens.

We’ve been blessed with rainy days, just when we needed them.

And I realized (when I found our unopened packet of morning glory seeds) that the plants I’ve been calling morning glories for about a month now are not, in fact, morning glories, but really nasturtiums.

On Saturday a mama wood duck shepherded 14 of her babies into our neighbor’s window well, waddled away and never came back.  The ducklings couldn’t get out (though one managed to escape sometime during the day).  The girls were thrilled and would’ve spent all day watching them if I’d let them.  Our neighbor took them in that night when we were sure the mama wasn’t coming back.  He called the game warden, who picked up the ducklings and has hopefully now found them a new mama duck in a wetland nearby.  Apparently this happens sometimes with wood ducks. (?)  I was reminded (again) how little I know about wildlife and the goings-on of the natural world.


2 thoughts on “out-of-doors

  1. Oh those little ducklings are too cute! My favorite thing about nasturtiums are that the flowers taste delicious. I love the throw them in salads, it makes me feel fancy. (it doesn’t take much!)

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