finished bits

This hat has been finished for a while.  It is this pattern made with Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed — probably not the right yarn choice; the cotton makes it a bit less elastic-y.  Also I made it too big, so overall it was rather loose until I washed and dried it a bit, and now it pretty much fits.  Some day I will knit him a hat that’s the right size.  (I even checked my gauge!  I’m going to believe it was mostly due to bad yarn choice.)

My friend Prairey is super-sweet and artistic and a constant source of inspiration to me.  Plus she makes a mean birthday mix CD.  So I made her some cowboy coasters for her birthday (only they got in the mail about 4 months late . . . that’s how I roll).  They were made mostly from old Western-style men’s shirts, and from one brown plaid one that belonged to my grandfather.

We had some new additions to our extended family recently — the perfect chance to try out this birth announcement wall hanging idea.


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