Beatrice is two

She’s our little firecracker.

She makes us laugh out loud.

She loves books.  And talking.  And Band-Aids.

She loves to play with babies (dolls & real ones).

She adores her big sister beyond words.

She’s a copy-cat.

She makes up songs all day

and requests songs that don’t exist.

She doesn’t listen worth a darn.

She’s much more than a handful.

But she’s got a heart eight miles wide.

She’s super cuddly

and unbelievably sweet.

She’s our baby.

She’s Beatrice.

She’s two.


8 thoughts on “Beatrice is two

  1. Ahhh, Happy Birthday to Bea! You sure make gorgeous babies! And that crown is fabulous! I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a two year old who doesn’t listen!

  2. Loved those pics! Cutest crown I’ve seen. I can’t wait to see you girls in person. What a lovely birthday for your little sweetie. Happy Birthday, Bea! Oh, and what was the cake? It looked so good!

    • It’s the chocolate cake from The Art of Simple Food. I used some cherries we got from someone at church as filling between the layers, and just whipped cream on top. Not healthy, but soooo yummy.

  3. Happy Birthday Bea!! can you believe our babies are two already?!! Looks like you had a wonderful little party. I really hope we can get together sometime so the kiddos can play again, of course it will have to be after these little twins of ours make their entrance!! Bed rest is no fun 😦

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