batch #3

This summer we have done something I’ve been waiting to do for a very, very long time:  we canned our own salsa!  I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that I’ve been dreaming of doing this since I was a little girl (well “dreaming of” is probably not exactly right; “expecting that my grown-up self would do this” is more accurate).  I grew up watching my parents make salsa summer after summer, occasionally helping by peeling the skin off the tomatoes and then smooshing them by hand, as my daughters are doing in the above photos (so yes, to those of you with whom we’ve shared a jar or two, my girls literally had their hands in your salsa — don’t worry, I made them wash first!).  I just assumed that most grown-ups did this, and that I would someday use the tomatoes from my own garden to do the same.

I’ve planted tomatoes in pots before, but this is the first summer we’ve had a bona fide garden plot (in our community garden) and the first year we’ve been swimming in so many tomatoes that we (almost) literally had no other choice but to jump in a make some salsa.  So we did.  Four batches and 40 quarts (or 80 pints, which sounds more impressive) later, we feel like we’ve crossed over the divide.  We are no longer people who talk about someday canning but who are actually quite intimidated by the whole process and reluctant to begin; no, now I think it’s safe to say we are canners.  Yes, we can!




12 thoughts on “batch #3

  1. Wow! Did you do all that into salsa, or some salsa and the other just canned tomatoes? I got 17 pints and one quart of salsa. Can’t wait to actually try it when my store bought jar of salsa is gone. I tried freezing my tomatoes this year. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to remove the skins then.

    • Cheryl,
      That was all salsa, and in addition we canned about 10 pints of tomato sauce and froze about 8 gallon freezer bags worth. I love freezing tomatoes, and found out this year that I could freeze peaches with the skin on, too!

  2. yay for salsa! 40 quarts is super impressive! after making and canning my first batch, which is nearly gone, i now know how time-consuming it is to make/can food from scratch. but it’s totally worth it, and i am completely obsessed. like, going to the farmers market and buying dozens of jalapenos and tomatoes obsessed. it’s so fresh and flavorful, i honestly can’t imagine going all winter without it! and buying store-bought salsa? forget about it. so i, too, am preparing to embark on another day of salsa-making and canning. wish me luck!

    • It’s good to have family that cans! We’ve always relied on my parents’ store, since they always put up more than they can eat. So if it turns out 80 pints isn’t enough, we can always raid their cellar!

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