bits of summer

This blog has been many things to me in the past and, I assume, will become other things in the future.  But right now it is primarily a scrapbook, a place to record memories that I’d like to keep near.  So this is a small list of noteworthy things about our summer of 2012.

Adeline refers to thistles as “prickle weeds” and to our overgrown tomatoes plants as the “tomato jungle.”

Beatrice was very helpful in our garden plot, picking as many green “motatoes” as she could find.

An awful drought meant we spent many hours watering our beloved green things, all the while watching grass and flowers and crops go brown and crackly.  And on each rare occasion when gray clouds filled the sky, we watched anxiously, but without much hope, waiting in vain for the rain to come.

Bea loves to play at “bad guys,” who are sometimes “happy bad guys,” sometimes “nice bad guys,” and sometimes “singing bad guys.”

Adeline became certain that if she digs long enough she can uncover any treasure she wishes (currently she is digging for a magic princess iphone and magical paint that lets you paint pictures you can jump into).  She and her friend racked up several hours of digging anytime they got near a beach or a sandbox, fervently believing that their treasure was lying in wait.


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