sleepover pals

I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that deadline sewing is just not something I should attempt at this season in my life.   Every time I try to finish a project in time for birthday/Christmas/what-have-you, it causes great stress and anguish and ultimately is not finished on time anyway.  So for now I’m giving myself a break in the handmade gift department — gifts will still be made and given, but not on any schedule except my own (i.e., whenever I get around to finishing it).

This set of sleepover pals was supposed to be Adeline’s Epiphany present last year, and the dolls were indeed mostly finished on time.  But then there was the little matter of every single one of their hair and arm balls coming loose and needing to be re-sewn.   And what fun are sleepover pals without their sleeping bag?  None of this was very difficult, but for several reasons (analysis paralysis, mostly, along with the fact that I’m fearful of hand-sewing) it took me until September to get the sleeping bag finished and all the little details completed.

The pattern for these dolls is in Wee Wonderfuls, which we love, and they are not difficult, but I wasn’t thrilled with how they turned out, since so much of the hand-sewing is visible (unlike on Edith), and, as I may have mentioned a million times here before, my hand-sewing is not what it should be.  I simplified the sleeping bag; rather than making flaps that fold down to tuck the dolls into, they each just have their own little pocket.

Adeline was thrilled and played with them non-stop for about three days . . . and then like everything else, they just ended up on her shelf.  Bea loves them, though of course Adeline shrieks whenever Bea tries to play with them.  She will try to get Bea to play with Edith (who also spends a lot of time on the shelf), but Bea does love to aggravate her sister…

See that smug look on Bea’s face?  She loves to get a rise out of Adeline (and it is unfortunately easy to do).

The doll is returned to its rightful owner, which of course leads to this face:

Every time I finish a doll, I think it will be my last. . . but it never is.  There is another one in the works right now, though it is mostly Adeline’s project.  I’ll share more when we finish it.


3 thoughts on “sleepover pals

  1. These dolls are so adorable! I’m going to try to make some for my girls…ah, I’m so not crafty, I’ll let you know if I accomplish them! Hope you’re well! Hugs to you!

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