Word up! It’s…

I could speak at length here about my feelings toward Halloween, DIY costumes, the strange dearth of long-sleeved blue t-shirts in this community, my (and my daughter’s) perfectionist tendencies (and the stress produced by them), the dangers of sugar and genetically modified foods, the curious differences between my two girls (like the way one squirreled away all her candy and the other ate half a bucketful — I’ll let you figure out who did which), and my quest for balance.

But I’m pretty sure I’d sound completely neurotic (and I really don’t need written evidence of that) and honestly we’re still all pretty exhausted from all the excitement of yesterday.  So these pictures of Word Girl and her loyal, sticky-mouthed sidekick Captain Huggy Face will have to suffice on their own. 😉


3 thoughts on “Word up! It’s…

  1. Those costumes are too cute! My friend here made the same ones for her two little girls about the same ages as yours. Love the one of Adeline running down the sidewalk. Come to think of it we’re pretty exhausted from it all, too.

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