beach blanket

Way back in June I misplaced our green-and-white checked beach blanket.  I still have hopes that we’ll find it when we eventually move (one of only two good things I can think of about moving: you find stuff you’ve lost — though usually you lose stuff, too).  But it’s gone for now.  This impelled me to finally sew the beach blanket from Handmade Home.

The quilt top is all thrifted vintage sheets and pillowcases.  I had planned to follow the pattern in the book, except I wanted to make it a little bit bigger.  But somehow my measurements went wrong and it ended up way too large, so I just started cutting and cutting and re-piecing it together, which is why it ended up not looking like the one in the book at all.

The back is an old white chenille blanket which my parents used as a drop cloth for painting; when I asked my mom if I could have it she looked at me sideways but said nothing, as she is so good and tolerant of my sometimes unconventional ways.  Really the only reason I wanted it was for the awesome bobble fringe, which I painstakingly cut from the original blanket, then sewed around the edge of the new quilt.  It almost killed my sewing machine, but I was not going to give up on that fringe.

So now we have a new beach blanket … and it’s autumn, so it will have to wait a whole winter before it actually gets to go to the beach.  Until then, it gets to spend some time out in the yard and on the living room floor, which it likes just fine.


7 thoughts on “beach blanket

  1. I made the same blanket – except, you know, not the same at all because I didn’t really follow the pattern either – last fall. I’d planned to finish it early enough to at least use it as a picnic blanket once or twice before winter came along, but I bound it by hand & that took forever.
    I love those bobbles! xo

    • Ha! That’s funny we did the same thing, pretty much, with the same pattern. I’m much too impatient for hand binding, but I bet it looks gorgeous!

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