from the mouth of Adeline

“Mom, maybe the magic hasn’t been bloomed yet in this magic wand.”   — on why perhaps her wand wasn’t working to grant her wishes (those wishes being 1. that cartoonland could in this land, and 2. that summer would last forever)

“Have we got lines around us?  Have we been drawn . . . by God?”  — thinking of cartoons again

“Did you know that pants could have turtlenecks, too?” — while putting on her yoga pants (with the waistband that folds over . . . much like a turtleneck sweater)

“Oh, I wish I had a book about safe ways to climb down from trees!” — while stuck in our neighbor’s mulberry tree (yes, she is a librarian’s daughter!)





3 thoughts on “from the mouth of Adeline

  1. A confirmation that kids are awesome 😉 Just wanted to come here and say hello too as a fellow Montessori loving Mama (I’d say sewing too, but your skills are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than mine- those dolls!!!). Left you a comment on your alphpabet book post, thanks again

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