We’ve been busy around here.  And not in the pre-Christmas, lots-of-stress-and-deadlines way; rather, we’re busy enjoying our new toys and tools, playing lots of games, making puppets, potholders, music, and plenty of messes — following a decidedly more laid-back schedule than last month.  And this mama has been breathing much easier these days.  (Much as I like to keep Christmas simple, it still adds a considerable load to our usual routine.)

In an effort to maintain my tenuous grasp on my own sanity, I did not make any Epiphany gifts this year.  Adeline, however, went on a crafting spree, making gifts (mostly drawings and paintings) for each family member.  For Bea she wanted to make a set of animal puppets using some of the paper she saved from Jake’s Christmas project, hollowed-out books.  The pages she kept happened to be from a Tom Clancy novel . . . perhaps not the most appropriate craft material for a new reader.  Some of the puppets have words on them that a five year old does not need to know.  Fortunately, she was too busy drawing to read them!



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