Watermelon (the doll)

Just two weeks before Bea’s birthday last July, Adeline decided she wanted to sew her the ragdoll from Sewing for Children.  But oddly enough, two weeks wasn’t quite enough time to get it finished.  She kept working at it though (with much help from Mama), on and off through summer and fall.  But somewhere along the line, Adeline decided that since she hadn’t finished it in time for Bea’s birthday, maybe she could keep it for her herself.  And make Bea another one later.  Riiiiight.

So this is Watermelon.  There are plans to make more clothes for her, of course.  And the book has patterns for shoes and a jacket, too.  I can’t recommend this book highly enough.  We’ve had it for a couple years and made several projects from it, though none of the others have made it to the pages of this blog.  It has plenty of projects that even the littlest sewists can help with.   Adeline is currently working on the applique pillow project.  She says it’s going to be a gift for Bea . . .


3 thoughts on “Watermelon (the doll)

    • I should probably clarify that she can’t quite do it all by herself yet! I cut out the pattern pieces and sewed on the arms and legs; but she was able to whip stitch all the body parts closed and stuff it and 50% of the time she can thread her own needle!

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