cabin fever

Oh my.  Spring is having a little trouble getting started this year.  A quick scroll through the archives of last March tell quite a different tale — much greenery and barefoot girls outdoors and playing in the sprinkler.  My phenology journal tells me that last year at this time we already had lettuce sprouting out front and the crocuses had been here and gone.    Now last March was anything but normal for South Dakota weather, and we certainly don’t want to relive the drought and heat of last summer.  But we sure are ready for a bit of warm sunshine.

We had one wonderfully warm day where our thermometer reached 60 degrees (it seemed like 80 to us).  And the girls wanted to play outside all day and were thrilled not to need coats or shoes.  But even though that day was an anomaly, and the next several days didn’t get much above freezing, the girls can not quite understand that it is still necessary to wear a coat outside.  They attempt to go out without a coat (sometimes sans shoes even), and then run in to grab just one more thing to put on to see if that will keep them warm enough . . . and then come back in for just one more thing . . . and then just one more (I feel like Little Bear’s mother).  Soon we will shed these coats and say good-bye to all this gray and brown.  Soon, I hope.


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