sledding in April

These photos are from yesterday, April 22nd.  Yes, that is snow.

We waited for snow all winter, but it didn’t decide to show up until April.  I’m going to venture to say (without bothering to check the facts and look up the actual numbers) that we saw more snow in the month of April than in all the rest of winter here.

But the thing about April snow is that you know it can’t last too long.  The grass underneath is already green(ish) and our lettuce has sprouted.  In a day or two (at most a week or two), temps will be rising and we’ll be tending the garden.

Also, April snow just means more opportunities for Adeline to wear her new vest (the Neighborly).  But she has some stipulations: she will only wear it in the house and not out in public.  Apparently she’s embarrassed, even though she picked the yarn (knit picks Chroma in a now-discontinued colorway) and couldn’t wait for me to be finished knitting it.  When she was two she refused to wear the things I made her out of sheer obstinacy; now that she’s five she’s afraid people will laugh at her handknits.  Did I miss some very brief magical window of time where she would actually, willingly, joyfully wear the things I knit her?  I think my next few projects will go to someone who really appreciates all that hard work: ME! 🙂


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