so long

Perhaps I should mention here that we are moving.  Many of you already know that, but for the people who only know me through this blog it may be the first you are hearing of it.  The good news is that we are only moving thirty miles away.  The bad news is that moving is always a pain, whether the miles are few or many.  The other good news is we have so many awesome friends who have volunteered their services to make this easier — thank you all, dear friends!

Woody Guthrie’s “So long, it’s been good to know ya” has been on repeat in my head.  Alsoly (which is Bea’s word for “also”) this line from Sigrid Nunez: “Moving house is an ordeal, not least because of the unpacking of the past that is usually involved.”  Some of these boxes have been with us through our last three moves and then waited in our basement for four years for this very event.   When I see them I can’t help thinking of all the homes we’ve loved, the memories we made, the friends we’ve left behind.  All that sentimentality in a piece of cardboard!  I’m sort of an emotional wreck when it comes to moving.  But it’ll all be over soon.  



5 thoughts on “so long

  1. Just stopped by to have a look around. You have a beautiful little family! I enjoy the pictures!

    Good luck with the move. Last summer, my baby decided to be born early and came on our moving day. We were in-between renting and buying so we proceeded to live out of boxes with a newborn for a month and a half before we closed on our current home and could move in. Good luck!

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