the first two weeks

It’s very easy for me to look around (at the boxes, the to-do lists, the calendar) and see what has not been done, and all the work that lies ahead of us.  But someone has recently reminded me that I need to improve my outlook and focus on the positive things, so here is a list of what we did in these two weeks since moving day:

We set up the bedrooms, living room, study, bathroom, and (only because of the benevolent help of a good friend) the kitchen.

We took time out of unpacking boxes to plant many flowers, tomatoes, and herbs.

We also planted a wee garden for the fairies.

We watched the lilacs bloom and fade, and the trees spring into green around us.

Adeline had her first t-ball practice and game.

We traveled to and explored our nearest “big city.”

We purchased a fire pit, Jake assembled it, we realized we knew of nowhere to purchase wood — but fortunately we have sweet and generous friends with a huge woodpile.

We encountered many new names and faces and made new friends.

Jake made strawberry kombucha and sourdough bread.

We listened with thankful hearts to the sound of rain falling on more than one occasion.

And we spotted a rainbow.


8 thoughts on “the first two weeks

  1. Sara, we miss you all!! Would love to come visit sometime next week, is there a day that does not work for you?

  2. Eek! Look at all that space! Lovely! The sled pool cracked me up and inspired me as well. We are currently using ours as the “weed wagon”. It works wonderfully. However, I think my kids would like the pool idea better. 🙂 You have all winter to unpack and settle in. 🙂

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