Just a few snippets of our summer thus far, a summer that feels as though it’s barely started and at the same time is slipping quickly away.

Jake put up a swing.  It is lovely.  The girls adore it.  There is only one problem: 1 swing, 2 girls.  You do the math.

Bea can often be heard saying, “How bout you be Goliath and I’ll be WoodGul.”

Adeline has ditched her training wheels, and Bea has got the hang of pedaling.

The other day two young boys from across the street came over while I was planting some raspberry plants (a housewarming/ordination gift from friends), and fertilizing them with worm castings and bone meal.  Yes that’s right, worm poop and ground up bones.  Needless to say they were impressed.

Adeline has learned that, although the tennis court next door seems like it’s in our yard, it is actually owned by the city and the city mowers will mow over your flip-flops if you leave them in the grass there.


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