kampgrounds and tourist traps

We got together with Jake’s family in the Hills last week.  Just a few quick observations:

:: I must say, I could not have married into a better bunch of folks.

:: It is super awesome that the girls have cousins of babysitting age.

:: An unexpected detour (i.e. wrong turn) leaving us stuck in the car for nearly 2 hours instead of 45 minutes with fours kids in the car asking “Are we at the cabin yet?” over and over is not the time to be all up on my “no DVDs on short car trips” high horse.

:: Packing for this trip, after so recently packing and unpacking all our earthly belongings, triggered a bit of deja vu and a slight panic attack in me.  We will not be re-packing anything anytime soon.

:: Taking pictures with the Wall Drug jackalope never gets old.


3 thoughts on “kampgrounds and tourist traps

  1. Looks like a great time had by all! That darned “no DVDs on short car trips high horse.” Ha ha ha ha ha!

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