Bea turned three

Bea turned three last week, and as always we celebrated with fireworks (which of course you can claim are partly in your honor if you are born mere hours after July 4th), and also there was a surprise birthday cake from a parishioner and a delightful visit from Grammy and Grampy (which ranks very high on the awesomeness list of this three-year-old, who is completely enamored with all her grandparents).

Though her father and I often think of her as demanding, finicky, and difficult to please, she is after all only three and is generally excited by very simple things, like gum and chapstick and a basket for her bike and Mike & Ikes on her birthday cake and playing in the dirt.  And so by all accounts this birthday was considered a success.  (Perhaps my standards are slipping.) 😉



One thought on “Bea turned three

  1. sweet bea, i can’t believe she’s already 3! i’ve decided to not stay up late the night before birthdays making fabulous cakes and presents. low-key parties are where it’s at. 🙂

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